Friday, 19 August 2016

All Japanese and were trained at Tokyo@9 by Sweet Basil

Nine by Sweet Basil 

Singapore's neighborhood contains a lot of streets worthy of exploring and one of this is at Purvis street which is a single block between Beach road and North Bridge road. This is where a Japanese salon namely Nine by Sweet Basil is located and it is just across Raffles hotel. You might walk past their entrance but look out for the red outlined door or just remember it is at 26A. 

I opted for a hair treatment since the hair stylist said my hair is oily. She suggested a treatment that will remove sebum and the rest of the chemical substance inside of my hair shaft. By the way, their hair treatment products are from Italy. These are the five steps of the treatment which took around one to one and a half hours.

1. Analysis of my scalp. My hair is oily.

2. Purify. I've waited for twenty minutes and the stylist washed the solution away after. 

Nine by Sweet Basil
3. Application of the hair treatment while the stylist was massaging my scalp with treatment lotion for it to be absorbed and to be spread evenly.
Nine by Sweet Basil

4. Blow dry.

Nine by Sweet Basil
5. Style my hair.

Voila! I feel so fresh and my head feels so light! I can surely feel the improvement of the condition of my hair. You can now see that it is smoother, silkier and definitely healthier!

The salon provides product deals and beauty services that are the very best in the hair care community. They specialize in haircuts from short bob to long mane and colors/highlights that uses special hair techniques. Not just hairstyles for you to sport day to day but also hairstyles for special events. All stylists are accredited and highly skilled to ensure your hair is properly taken care of. They are all Japanese and were trained at Tokyo. By the way, the Japanese staff speak little English but do not worry since the receptionist will help you.

Not sure which service to get yet? Silky sleek straight hair or volumized perm? Rich hair color with high end hues and luxurious quality? They are very particular about every single beauty operation so make sure to schedule a consultation to discuss your hair care needs anytime from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm on weekdays or until 7:00 pm during weekends and holidays. 
Get that picture perfect hair you always dreamed about! Besides we all know that a woman's hair is her crowning glory right? 
So go ahead and take a picture after along the streets of Purvis and tagged me on Instagram. I would love to see how yours turned out!

26A Purvis Street, 188603 
Tel: 6337 3661 

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  1. Holidays are always great for all. We should always take care of our skin also. I love holidays here.