Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Ramen House

When I was in Ramen House, we ordered the following dishes,

The Ramen House
Volcano Ramen
I have always wonder how ramen came about, but there is no record on the origin of ramen. The best guess would be from the Chinese because the name ramen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese lamian; make every sense right? Ramen expert Hiroshi Osaki said that the first specialized ramen shop opened in Yokohama in 1910. The ingredients for ramen are wheat flour, salt, water, and kansui. Kansui is a type of alkaline mineral water, containing sodium carbonate and usually potassium carbonate, with a small amount of phosphoric acid. The Ramen House did the necessary research on its preparation - yes the ramen, and managed to achieve the same standard as the ramen in Japan. Anyway, I love the volcano ramen, the spiciness of the Volcano Ramen is manageable, not so spicy after all. I would have to say I made the best decision to order this tasted amazing.
The Ramen House
Sunshine Dragon Maki
Sunshine Dragon Maki, is an inside out sushi which means the rice wraps around the ingredients, typically there is shrimp tempura avocado and cucumber inside. The body is filled with tasteful combination of crunchy tempura shrimp and avocado. Flavors are enhanced with mango slices. The dragon is brought to life with the positioned food elements, completed with a blaze of mayonnaise sauce on top.
The Ramen House
Grilled Edamame,
Get healthy with grilled edamame, where usually the methods are either boil or steam. With Grilled edamame, I can taste the sweetness of the young soy bean that retains the protein nutrient in each bean.
The Ramen House
Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped In Yakiniku Beef
Yakiniku beef means grilled beef literally; and you get a lot more flavor when your beef is grilled with char burn fragrance. The seasoning is prefect, tasted like the rice wine, vinegar and soy sauce. This is an extravagant dish, so I do encourage you pamper yourself with this lovely Yakiniku Beef wrap.
The Ramen House
ADDRESS; 6 Short Street, Singapore 188213
PHONE: +65 67349294

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