Sunday, 2 October 2016

Concept Design by Art Decor

I have the opportunity to visit the site and see in real time how renovation is progressing. We created a small video montage to show some of the progress pictures of the renovation. We hope you enjoy!

Do you know why I chose this design and concept as I personally like nature and the theme is rich wood close to nature. The colour is light brown and white as the design team decide to keep this veneer fabric as veneer is very expensive, durable which can stay strong for a long period of time and also it's in good condition.
So now you know why?
we call it Rich Wood Close to Nature.

-This is a living room, there is a brim behind, the design team has create a C ark to cover this brim to give a bold and a settle feel with the craft wall it has a nature, cosy and sentimental feel.

Out of the whole design and concept this will be my favorite area, it has interset the living room and the pathway, giving the living room a private, warm and relax area. Prevent from others from peeping in, haha!

This is a shoe cabinet with the stool where you can sit there to wear your shoes and a book shelve. Can you figure out what is this ? Is a letter A" alphabet.

Bedroom:  this room is what we call Rich wood close to nature. It has all the light brown and white close to nature and close to my heart.

Art Decor has it core objective, listening to their client's dreams and vision translating them into realities.
Art Decor has won over people with his sincerity, intelligence and tenacity.
Therefore I am happy to share and introduce Art Decor to my friends and family.


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  2. Hi Alison,

    Hope you are doing well! :)

    I'm looking into doing a collaboration with you. Is there an email address I can send over the details to? That would be awesome!

    Looking forward to hearing from you again! :)