Sunday, 16 October 2016

If I were you, would adore me and my foods.

One of the reasons we came back to One Ocean Seafood was because we missed their food.  l radiate joy and optimism and I truly believe that good food can come from anywhere and everywhere and I appreciate all food as well as the effort of those preparing and making them.
Seafood Deluxe Basket, a pretty good sized seafood in a basket, they have a variety of seafood, mussel, clams, fish, sausage, corns and potatoes full of flavor, the sauce was specially brought back from oversea by the boss. I personally like it.

Black pepper Crab
Black pepper Crab has its dry consistency. It's becoming very popular dish and suitable to the majority crab lover as the crab is all happily mingled with dried shrimp, aromatic curry leaves, chilies with their secret ingredients Dong Gui but it's not over power. Definitely their signature dish.
Special Steam Tilapia
Special Steam Tilapia, chinese style steamed fish rock with hot and spicy bean sauce topped garlic and ginger. It tastes a bit saltish but it has lift up with the plum sauce, give a very balancing taste.
Phoenix Chicken
Phoenix Chicken is made of chicken skin and prawn paste or mince shrimp, deep fry to crispy, almost taste like piglet dish. Phoenix chicken is less oily as it from prawn.
Curry Fish Head, this dish is a tantalizing combination of Chinese and Indian flavours, cooked with spices, herbs and fennels. Soaked in the curry with fish head, egg plants, bean curds, cabbages.
Honey Glazed Pork Rib
Honey Glazed Pork Rib, easy finger licking, lip smacking yummylicious glazed rack of pork ribs! Embrace the pork and enjoy these honey glazed ribs with the ingredients wine, blueberry and champagne.

One Ocean Seafood address:
7 Mandai Link #01-06 Mandarin Connection, Singapore 728653.
Open Daily: 1am -230pm, 5pm-1030pm.                      

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