Monday, 17 October 2016

Sometimes life can surprise you with a happy meal !!!

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Sun Lok Noodle House is a family-run casual eatery specialising in Chinese cuisine. They offer a wide varity of food from small bites such as dim sum to full meals such as noodles, congee and dishes such as steamed fish and hotplate bean curd etc.
Carrot cake
Carrot cake my favorite food is made of Chinese radish, rice flour and corn starch to help to bind the ingredients together. The key is the chef correct proportion of ingredients put together and the precise steam time to achieve the firm texture when its put into our mouth it dissolve and leave smooth taste in our palate.
starchy porridge
I love smooth and starchy porridge. To achieve good and delicious porridge. Stirring and simmer are most important part of the procedure. Porridge has to simmer for 4 hours to be smooth, naturally sweet and flavorful. There are varies types of porridge, I personally like the assorted with cuttlefish, nuts, fish fillet and shredded chicken porridge.
Wanton Mee
Wanton Mee:
By far this is the best wanton Mee I have eaten, it has many different elements, it's balance, springy, elastic quality and bouncy, the wonton, firm, unbroken, savory.
Kangkong with fermented bean curd is quite exotic. The common one are cook with sambal but for a change, another traditional way is to cook with fermented bean curb. This is a condiment, it has a great savory flavor.

Address :1 Yuan Ching Road, #01-05, Singapore 618640
Hours of Operations : Daily: 11.30am - 10.00pm

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