Friday, 16 December 2016

Use innovative steampot, to cook to get real taste of seafood.

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood
Yu Pin use their innovative steampot and the native way of cooking instead of the traditional way of cooking seafood such as braising and stir-frying, it unleash the real taste of seafood.

The steampot is heated for sterilization. The uncooked pearl rice grains, lotus seeds and wolfberries are laid onto the metal grill. During the whole process of steaming, the juices and aromas of the seafood will drip down to the bottom of the pot, captured by the rice which is being cooked slowly to become a savoury congee.

pork belly
The savory Kagoshima pork belly served together with refreshing greens and grains. Each of the ingredients is meticulously prepared and handled by the staff.

The seafood are being steamed under pressure, allowing the nutrients of the ingredients to be sealed within it.

The succulent lobsters, gigantic oysters, lively prawns and the clams are very fresh, under high temperature they open themselves slowly, exposing the juicy flesh within it.

The abalone is no stranger to seafood feast. The abalone is sliced and steamed right in front of you. The tenderness and naturally fresh taste of the premium delicacy give it a wow factor that make you want to savour every mouthful.

crab meat
The flawless crab meat overflowed with luscious roe will please even the most begrudging palettes.

The sea bass is garnished with aromatic ginger and cut into slices in a filet style for easy to take. It's steamed for a few minutes. The in-house nonpareil sauce infused perfectly into the flesh, making every mouth filled with satisfaction.

savoury congee
Under a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the hearty congee containing the essence of seafood within it round off the meal into perfection

You will have the freshness and natural goodness of quality ingredients. Come and enjoy a dining at Yu Pin Steam Seafood Restaurant located in Bugis Cube.

Yu Pin Steamed Seafood
470 North Bridge Road #01-05 Bugis Cube Singapore 188735.
Tel : +65 62649266

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