Friday, 24 February 2017

Satay @ Aranda, The food court hosts a good variety of food stalls and a beverage stall.

Satay@Aranda Country Club is your idea dinner place and a good experiences with a 24 hours prawn fishing facility.
Start with sour plum drink it will increase your appetite for food, cleansing your palette and help to digest your food as well.
The satay has been adapted to the multicultural palates of Asians with various spicy sauces and different ways of marinating the meat. The skewing and grilling is perfect, no over burn meat, served with thick peanut sauce .
Black pepper crab,
the crab is fresh, umami, succulent. The chef explained there's no sugar added in and it's the creamy sauce that give the distinctive taste.
Chili crab is popular in Malaysia and Singapore, the chef take a step further by using bean curd, he first deep fried the bean curd to crispy on the outer layer and custard-like inside that cover with the sauce, meaning you will eat your favorite chili crab sauce yet have something different with high nutrients.
Salted egg sauce is trendy these days, salted egg crab, salted egg spinach and now salted egg with pumpkin and bitter gourd, what do you is the chef smart? pumpkin has sweet in nature and bitter gourd is bitter and tender with a light coated, deep fried to crispy, lastly stir fry with the salted egg sauce.
Sambal stinggray with thick layer of  meat compare to others, thin meat. Sambal is in house made so you can find this special recipes here only, can taste the chili but not spicy, perfect level of spiciness.
Signature Chicken, using all the mini drum from the wing, deep frying and then stir fried with the sauce, I guess the sauce as marmite but the stall keeper do not want to disclose it.
Egg plants, top shelves, bean, black fungus and carrots, is like home cook food, very basic yet tasty, the gravy is light, goes well with steam rice.
Dessert is essential to finish a well meal, cendol and ice kancang is our Asian's dessert, made of coconut milk, blended ice with red bean, agar agar.

Address: 60 Pasir Ris Drive 3, Singapore 519497.

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