Thursday, 27 April 2017

Best Charcoal BBQ along with Steamboat

Tan Yi Tan Barbeque House offers charcoal barbeque along with steamboat to satisfy the taste buds of barbeque and steamboat lovers.

There is a very wide variety of food to choose from the menu such as fresh seafood, fish, meat, and vegetable etc. I like the vegetable basket set, a mixture of different variety of vegetables. For the soups, 6 different types of soups for us to chose for the steamboat, Tonkontsu, Spicy Ma La, Tom Yam, Wild Mushroom, Seafood, Pickle cabbage. And I have a mix of barbeque and steamboat, I chose Tonkontsu and spicy ma la steamboat for our meal, Tonkontsu is a thick and rich soup with the collagen and fat from pork marrow bones. It is delicious rich in flavour and nourishments. Beside all these, there is a free flow of ice cream.

The dining environment is clean, cozy and friendly. The price is reasonable for the huge portion of food served. The ambience is nice an the food is delectable. Their service is excellent and the staff are very courteous. The lady boss is very friendly. Tan Yi Tan Barbeque House is an ideal dining choice for family or friends gathering.
Tan Yi Tan Barbeque House Restaurant.
Address: 369 Sembawang Road, #01-03, Sembawang Cottage Singapore 758382.
Tel: 66356688

Monday, 10 April 2017

Search of Good-Quality Beauty Products

I travel to many places in search of good-quality beauty products. When I find them, I like to share them with my readers and friends.

Until last Sunday I was still in search of a good mask and cleanser. Then I met Mr. Cris Tsai the business manager of Beauty Keeper, a Taiwanese beauty platform, at an event at Marina Bay Sands. It was the first time Beauty Keeper had brought its products to Singapore. 

I love their USERISM, Bright Whitening Ultra Water Facial Mask with GCM-II Bright Whitening Essence. It delivers long-lasting brightening and moisturising effects to my skin and repairs skin damage.
1)  Take a tube of the mask and add 5ml efficiency essence into it.
2)  For the masking time, put it for 25-30mins.
Its suitable for General skin, Oil Acne and Combination skin.

Another great product from them is DESTINO Face Soap, which is rich in antioxidant molecules that fight free radicals, and repair and restore skin damage due to the environment. It also prevents ageing and wrinkles and helps to tighten the skin and give it more lift.
1)  Lather the soap between hands with water.
2)   Massage the face and neck skin for 30 seconds, rinse thoroughly and pat it dry.

Its suitable for Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive Skin.

I am always interested in hearing about good-quality beauty products and welcome your suggestions and comments in the comment section below.

Let’s continue to share information and take care of our skin! 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Welcome Chef George On Board.

其实Singapore Airlines已多次屡获国际烹饪奖项🏅🎖🏆,让我来分享给大家知道吧~😙
Singapore Airlines的飞机餐是由八个不同世界的知名厨师长而准备,
You can enjoy a first class dining experience 😘😘😘while you are up on the air. 

Not only that, an award winning international culinary panel is brought to you by Singapore Airlines✈️✈️✈️ that is composed of not just one but eight different world-renowned chefs that constantly creates new dishes to suit everyone’s palate!Not only that, an award winning international culinary panel is brought to you by Singapore Airlines that is composed of not just one but eight different world-renowned chefs that constantly creates new dishes to suit everyone’s palate!
You can even enjoy their "Book the Cook" service. Let me share my experience when Chef Georges' choice is on board. He is a grand master of French cuisine. He even received his third Michelin star in 1981 and went on to receive a few more prestigious titles like "Chef of The Year" from an influential French restaurant guide, Gault et Millau, and still has the highest rating to date. He gave us his recommendation for us to experience the most delectable fine dining experience we can have in the sky!

For our dining experience, the cabin crew prepared our meal at our preferred time as long as it is two hours before our estimated time of arrival at London.

To start with, Chef George recommended Sous-Vide and Marinated Beef Fillet Carpaccio as our appetizer and Chestnut Soup with Sardine.or Braised beef chuck "Vigneron" with sautéed spinach, roasted mushrooms and boulangere potatoes.

This lead us to our main course of Baked Herb Crusted Cod with piperade stuffed calamari, fingerling potato, red pepper and coriander oil. The flavors will truly satisfy your cravings!

As an Epicure myself, I could definitely say that there was sensual pleasure when I had my meal.

And what better way to end a meal than by indulging myself with caramelized walnut tart for dessert grouped with citrus fruit salad and raspberry sorbet!
I must say, what a heavenly treat!

Do you want to know more about their menu? You can definitely leave a comment below and let me help you with your questions!

The food menu will definitely make you salivate and crave wherever you are reading this right now! And just to keep you wanting more, know that the wide array of meals feature the season's finest harvest and will give you a taste of the rare and prized ingredients from places all around the world.

If you have diet preferences whether it's because of your religion or your food allergies, you should not fret!

For Singapore Airlines also offer different menu to cater you. If you want a healthier choice of either a low carbohydrate, low cholesterol or meatless main course, you can just tell it to them too.

Also, a selection of premium wines, champagne, cocktails, spirits, and beer is even available. Or you could have the classic coffee or tea.

They also even have kid's menu available! Snacks are also available throughout the flight.

Lastly, you must keep in mind that if you have special meal requests, it must be made at least 24 hours before the flight departs.
Want to read more in-depth gastronomic experience? You may follow my blog and start looking forward to my posts highlighting different world gourmet cuisine from Seoul (Korea), Sydney (Australia), and even San Francisco (USA)! Bon Appetit