Wednesday, 31 May 2017

World Fastest Marathons Records

@Netherlands, Amsterdam👉🏼Rotterdam, the biggest and most modern European port, as a city of architectural interest & sport. The city's heartbeat is my heartbeat." That pride and striving for perfection are the two driving forces which show Netherlands at its best.

In April every year, Netherlands Marathon has become one of the biggest one day sports events. The world records have proved that it's one of the fastest marathons in the world and it attracts many international competitors.
World Festival & Event City

Always Something Going @Netherlands its hard work have made it famous for its sporting events and wide range of festivals. the Netherlands many times as the World Festival & Event City in 2010, been Cultural Capital (2001 ), Sport Capital (2005), Youth Capital (2009) of Europe. Summer carnival to Jazz cultural is intrinsic to Netherlands, International Film Festival has been popular for over forty years, as well as film makers and actors. The event attracted more than 280,000 visitors in 2013. Visitors can come and enjoy new acts

Bands and orchestras make it a lot of fun for the 925,000 spectators. Cycling is key to the city’s character with numerous bike paths.

What is the difference between Holland and the Netherlands? The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces but many people use “Holland” when talking about the Netherlands.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Put a Mask on Plane Ride

Almost every flight I travel I put a mask on plane ride. The air inside plane cabins is very dry, which is not good for our skin
This SKII 3D mask offers stretch, as it's design & created to closely fit the face. It leads to a noticeably lifted and contoured look, along with firmer, smoother skin.


-Hold both ends of the upper face mask and position around eyes, stretching the sheet sideways to help treat fine lines around the eye area

-Hold both ends of the lower face mask to position around the nose and mouth, and then stretch upwards slowly from chin to the sides of your face.

-The substrate will not return to its original shape once it has been stretched (be careful to avoid stretching too much).

-Peel off mask after approximately 15 minutes and discard Wipe off or massage extra liquid and blend in.


Use two of the masks per week, and with continuous use, you will see your skin soft and radiant,

This is my favorite as it promise a myriad of result, from hydration to pore minimizing.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

(Giveaway) Attractive Health & Skin Care Products

I know HEBELOFT a company that specialises in marketing and distribution of good quality Korean, health & skincare products, featuring on established brands like: Soosul, Skylake, Boryeong Mud, Maycoop, Bergamo, Moonlit,
This season HEBELOFT is giving away 6 sets of the "Health and skin care products”. as shown above, there are;

1) Soosul  Cleansing Cream 1 set
2) Soosul Ginseng Cream 1 set
3) Real Egging Pack- 2 pieces
4) Real Mud, Mask Sheet -2 pieces
5) Maycoop, RawSheet Mask Sheet- 2 pieces
6) Steam Relax Eye MAsk-1 piece
7) Boryeong Mud Foam Mask 1 piece
8) Skylake Shampoo -1 
9) Skylake Conditioner -1
10) Skylake Mask 2 pieces
11) Candy & O’ Lady 7 different favours Masks
12) Korean Red Ginseng Tonic (consume) 2 pieces
13) Korean  Black & Red Ginseng Tonic (consume) 2 pieces
14) Korean Red Ginseng Sliced (consume) 1 box, 
And the products pamphlets and leaflets
1) Soosul  Cleansing Cream, formulated with mushroom extract and various Korean medicinal herbs, this traditional and oriental herbs cleansing cream removes make up dirt and impurities directly from the pores.
2) Soosul Ginseng Cream, uses mushroom and ginseng extract to provide moisturising and nourishes and calms your skin.
3) Real Egging Pack is a sleeping pack, whitening moisturing egg pack.
3a) How to Use:
Peel off from the back of egg pack and blend it all with the spoon, then apply it on to your skin before going to bed. You can leave it over night till next morning and you will see your skin fair, glow with radiance.
4) Real Mud, Mask Sheets
5) Maycoop, RawSheet Mask Sheet
6) Steam Relax Eye Mask.
7) Boryeong Mud Foam Mask
8) Skylake Shampoo
9) Skylake Conditioner
10) Skylake Mask
11) Candy & O’ Lady 7 different favours Masks
12) Korean Red Ginseng Tonic (to consume)
13) Korean  Black & Red Ginseng Tonic (to consume)
14) Korean Red Ginseng Sliced (to consume)

15) with the products leaflets

Most of the products are extensive research and with patented technology using natural substance, provides a full range of premium Korean herbal. The skincare products powered by the miraculous properties to provide excellent free-radical elimination action, antioxidative action and whitening effect. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Conduct Official Opening for the Day @Universal Studios Singapore

We have been to Universal Studios Singapore many times. Every time we are there, we conduct the official opening for the day. Then we take a guided tour. We always receive First Class service

On our last visit, the tour guide explained all about the park and each of the rides and shows. Best of all, he took us to the front of each queue for any ride we expressed an interest in. All rides were excellent and we took each more than once! Without a doubt, Transformers is a must-do ride.

The tour guide also arranged a private meet-and-greet and photo session with Universal Studios characters for us. We got soaking wet during the Jurassic Park water adventure, even though they provided us with plastic ponchos. But not to worry. They had a body dryer, chargeable at SGD 5.

We wanted something beyond the usual theme park food at Universal Studios, so we made a reservation at KT's Grill in the New York zone. The restaurant has two levels. The ground level comes with a bar,  serving alcoholic drinks such as beer and cocktails. Its upper level has a large private room, decorated like an old Victorian study room. We had steaks, fish and chips and other grill house favourites. Good comfort food! 

Universal Studios Singapore theme park has experienced steady growth for many years, and it has developed into a global phenomenon. It has gained visitor satisfaction, and we are some of its happy customers. Universal Studios Singapore is committed to delivering customer value, encouraging repeat visits and tracking satisfaction scores. We spent about 6-7 hours there and we were all happily exhausted. It was well worth the cost and it has given us great memories. We will be back again.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Idea Restaurant to have our meal and cocktail drinks

My idea restaurants beside their food has to be delicious, the place has to be clean, with hygienic condition and the food is fresh. Histori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of them. They offer Barbeque Grill Buffet of Japanese and Korean fusion cuisine. They have combined the best of both Japanese and Korean food preparations for their meat marinates. They have pickles, Kimchi, cold noodles and their in house made sauces. Histori has complemented with fresh salads, vegetables and desserts, with their free flow of soft drinks.

I like their pork collar, their meat is thicker, compare to others, when it is grilled, I could taste the meat texture better. The choice of meats are porks chickens, beefs. All the meats are carefully preserved and packed into small portion on a small plate and keep in the refrigerator, cover with the disposal plastic to keep the meat hygenic. There are different types of marinade, Bulgogi, Teriyaki. There are seafood, prawns, squid as well, with or without marinates.
All their sauces are in house made, one of the sauces I like, is the sour onion soya sauce, spicy sauce and many others. Their sauces are free from MSG and salt.
There are cooked foods like rice cakes and glass noodles, pickles cucumber etc, I can enjoy the chef’s cooked food while waiting for my grilling to be cook.
After the dinner, we went to the next door the bar counter to enjoy the cocktail drinks. I enjoyed their signature cocktail drink “Frangelico”, smooth, silky, creamy and foamy floating on the top of the glass. And their finger foods, dumpling Gyoza and grilled squids Ikayaki. The dumpling skin is thin and crispy and the meats were tender. The grilled squids is fresh and tender with the smoke aroma in it. We have a great time at Histori restaurant.

His.tori Japanese BBQ
Address : 20 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088443.
Tel : +65 6224 6539