Monday, 15 May 2017

Conduct Official Opening for the Day @Universal Studios Singapore

We have been to Universal Studios Singapore many times. Every time we are there, we conduct the official opening for the day. Then we take a guided tour. We always receive First Class service

On our last visit, the tour guide explained all about the park and each of the rides and shows. Best of all, he took us to the front of each queue for any ride we expressed an interest in. All rides were excellent and we took each more than once! Without a doubt, Transformers is a must-do ride.

The tour guide also arranged a private meet-and-greet and photo session with Universal Studios characters for us. We got soaking wet during the Jurassic Park water adventure, even though they provided us with plastic ponchos. But not to worry. They had a body dryer, chargeable at SGD 5.

We wanted something beyond the usual theme park food at Universal Studios, so we made a reservation at KT's Grill in the New York zone. The restaurant has two levels. The ground level comes with a bar,  serving alcoholic drinks such as beer and cocktails. Its upper level has a large private room, decorated like an old Victorian study room. We had steaks, fish and chips and other grill house favourites. Good comfort food! 

Universal Studios Singapore theme park has experienced steady growth for many years, and it has developed into a global phenomenon. It has gained visitor satisfaction, and we are some of its happy customers. Universal Studios Singapore is committed to delivering customer value, encouraging repeat visits and tracking satisfaction scores. We spent about 6-7 hours there and we were all happily exhausted. It was well worth the cost and it has given us great memories. We will be back again.

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  1. Definitely a good and great news for the day to hear about the opening and hopefully this will prove to be the best studio for the people to have an amazing tour.