Friday, 5 May 2017

Idea Restaurant to have our meal and cocktail drinks

My idea restaurants beside their food has to be delicious, the place has to be clean, with hygienic condition and the food is fresh. Histori Fusion Japanese Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of them. They offer Barbeque Grill Buffet of Japanese and Korean fusion cuisine. They have combined the best of both Japanese and Korean food preparations for their meat marinates. They have pickles, Kimchi, cold noodles and their in house made sauces. Histori has complemented with fresh salads, vegetables and desserts, with their free flow of soft drinks.

I like their pork collar, their meat is thicker, compare to others, when it is grilled, I could taste the meat texture better. The choice of meats are porks chickens, beefs. All the meats are carefully preserved and packed into small portion on a small plate and keep in the refrigerator, cover with the disposal plastic to keep the meat hygenic. There are different types of marinade, Bulgogi, Teriyaki. There are seafood, prawns, squid as well, with or without marinates.
All their sauces are in house made, one of the sauces I like, is the sour onion soya sauce, spicy sauce and many others. Their sauces are free from MSG and salt.
There are cooked foods like rice cakes and glass noodles, pickles cucumber etc, I can enjoy the chef’s cooked food while waiting for my grilling to be cook.
After the dinner, we went to the next door the bar counter to enjoy the cocktail drinks. I enjoyed their signature cocktail drink “Frangelico”, smooth, silky, creamy and foamy floating on the top of the glass. And their finger foods, dumpling Gyoza and grilled squids Ikayaki. The dumpling skin is thin and crispy and the meats were tender. The grilled squids is fresh and tender with the smoke aroma in it. We have a great time at Histori restaurant.

His.tori Japanese BBQ
Address : 20 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088443.
Tel : +65 6224 6539

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