Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Put a Mask on Plane Ride

Almost every flight I travel I put a mask on plane ride. The air inside plane cabins is very dry, which is not good for our skin
This SKII 3D mask offers stretch, as it's design & created to closely fit the face. It leads to a noticeably lifted and contoured look, along with firmer, smoother skin.


-Hold both ends of the upper face mask and position around eyes, stretching the sheet sideways to help treat fine lines around the eye area

-Hold both ends of the lower face mask to position around the nose and mouth, and then stretch upwards slowly from chin to the sides of your face.

-The substrate will not return to its original shape once it has been stretched (be careful to avoid stretching too much).

-Peel off mask after approximately 15 minutes and discard Wipe off or massage extra liquid and blend in.


Use two of the masks per week, and with continuous use, you will see your skin soft and radiant,

This is my favorite as it promise a myriad of result, from hydration to pore minimizing.


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