Monday, 19 June 2017

Bustling, Friendly Swedish City.

Sweden is make of thousands of coastal islands & inland lakes. It's capital Stockholm, Gothenburg & Malmö, are all coastal.
Stockholm is built on 14 islands. With its more than 50 bridges, the old town Gamla Stan is a must see place, especially the Royal Palace and the open-air museums Skanse. 
Gothenburg is an archipelago that features pathways with uneven surfaces. It is not advisable to wear heels!👠👡👢
Gothenburg’s cruise port is the perfect introduction to this large, bustling, friendly Swedish city. Embark on a cruise to Gothenburg and enjoy a beautiful archipelago of small islands and old fishing villages along the mainland coast.
This cruise is alway an enjoyable experience. Occasionally I will make stops to visit historical places along the beautiful waterway or  stay aboard and enjoy a drink on the bridge deck. 
"Akvavit" a spirit in Scandinavia, 😘😀since 15th century has distinctive spices & herbs flavour, with 37.5%-40% alcohol
The fish market hall🐬🐠 Feskekôrka, fish church in Swedish in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a indoor fish and shellfish market where you can buy all kinds of seafood delicacies caught on the day. To resemblance to a gothic church.🕍⛪️ It opened on 1 November 1874, and was drawn by the city. Beside that fish market, there is also a fish & seafood restaurant in the building too.
My menus change along the countries, feasting meatballs in Stockholm, haggis in Scotlands and London

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Greeting from Amsterdam, Rotterdam

A holiday in Netherlands means enjoying culture in cities. like the cheese capital of Alkmaar, and vast fields of tulips. Ice skating in winter,  cycling & soaking in culture. The bright red, pink and yellow colors are overwhelmingly beautiful tulips in Holland.
"The bronze standing man with back straight and head high" it symbolizes the unbroken resistance, commemorates in Rotterdam Second World War all the fighters who gave their lives in the struggle against the German occupiers.

The architecture of Netherlands


Did you know that Holland has the largest museum density in the world? 

3D building
Beautiful Picture
Pencil House

Netherlands is also a great place for shopping or dining; it is home to more than 100 restaurants that have been awarded one or more Michelin stars.