Monday, 21 August 2017

Can You Tell Me Your Favourite Dessert ?

Dove Desserts
Dove dessert, the owner Helen is famous and popular for her Chendol, Ice Red Bean and her hot, cold Cheng Ting, Glutinous Black Rice, Barley, Tau  Suan, Green Bean soup & Red Bean Soup all are relatively good and yummy. 
Helen and her team have prepared everything from scratch, the Chendol is made of fresh coconut, the green jelly are made of grinded green bean, the Gula Melaka is bought from Melaka, she goes to Melaka’s factory every 2 months. The ice is finely shaved, soft like an iceberg that has broken from a glacier. The correct way to eat the chendol is not to mix it, you could appreciate the different elements and the texture of the shaved ice melts in your mouth.
The Cheng Ting soup is stewed with Monk fruit or Buddha Fruit, dried longan, ginkgo, white fungus, barley, dried persimmon and winter melon. The sweetness is from the Monk fruit, no rock  sugar or white sugar added.
The red bean is specifically chosen and is from China Tianqin’, the beans are smoother and soft.
Glutinous Black Rice soup is sticky and has its individual grains, sweet and savoury.
Green Bean soup is stewed with green beans and a small portions of orange skins put together, it is cooling, soft and tasty.
Wheat, Barley has sticky chewy texture, nutty flavour, hearty and quite filling.
Tau Suan is made of split mung bean steamed till soft, starchy, infused with pandan leaves fragnant, always come with fried fritter (you siao)
This agar agar has 3 layers consists of coconut with Green Jelly inside, follow by coconut and Gula Melaka. It is a rich and savoury.
This agar agar has 3 layers of coconut with green jelly, coconut and gula melaka (palm sugar). Its has a rich taste and savoury.

The next times, you want to have your dessert and if you are a dessrt lovers Dove dessert will be your best choice.