Friday, 15 September 2017

London : My Perfect Days

What are your favourite places ? 
I love to jog in Kensington Garden and watch the beautiful sunrise. l love walking up The Mall to Buckingham Palace and Green Park, which is where you will find Buckingham Place.

Which museums and galleries do you like? 
I love the National Gallery I usually get a cup of coffee and wander around the gallery, I don't know much about art, but the more l go, the more I find out what type of art I do like. I also love the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Where do you prefer to go shopping? 
Harrods is the place I can go and get lost, walking around. There is also New Bond Street and Bond street, I love to go there when I have something in mind to buy. You can find the latest collection of all the branded items.

What places hold a special memory? 
Without a doubt Kensington Palace.This year they are holding Princess Diana's fashion story there. The bridges they are also special, I have visiting in London for many years. I love walking over them each time I come.

Where do you go for afternoon tea?
I go to Georgian resturant at Harrods o the 4th level for afternoon tea. The rosy tea goes well with the pastries and scones. Or if I want the best Tiramisu and long black, I will go to Zie Teresa next to  Harrods.

Where would you go for dinner? 
I choose Min Jin Restaurant for Chinese food. They have the best Peking duck, Chinese cuisine and dessert. 
Then there is Zie Teresa for Italian pasta, beef and of course the Tiramisu which I've just mentioned. I could go to each one after the other.

How do you travel?
It is such a great feeling to use the Oyster card to travel o the Tube train or by bus. But most of my times I walk.

London we use to meet at least three to four times per years.

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  1. Usually the famous bloggers keep their questions unanswered but it is nice of you that you’ve replied to what we want to know about your life, thanks!